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Mandate letter for Premier Silver

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January 6, 2017

The Honourable Sandy Silver
Minister of the Executive Council Office
Minister of Finance

As Premier, I am honoured to lead a government Yukoners have entrusted to act on their behalf.

Our work over the mandate will be shaped by our commitments to Yukoners. Our government will help create jobs, balancing efforts to strengthen and diversify our economy with environmental stewardship. We will work collaboratively with Yukon First Nations for their benefit and the benefit of all Yukoners. We will build thriving Yukon communities recognizing local needs, local interests and local solutions. We will help Yukoners lead healthy, productive, happy lives through accessible, integrated programs and services tailored to their needs.

As government, we are committed to openness and transparency and to the highest standards of conduct in our decision making and governance processes. We will be accountable for our actions and engage Yukoners in shaping the territory's future path.

In addition to my role as Premier, I will carry out my responsibilities as the Minister of the Executive Council Office and Minister of Finance serving Yukon citizens and earning the trust they have vested in me and our government.

As Minister responsible for Aboriginal relations, my overarching priority is to ensure our government works actively and continuously to advance reconciliation and uphold the spirit and intent of First Nation Final and Self Government Agreements. I and other Ministers will collaborate with Yukon First Nations on shared goals to advance Yukon's economic and social development. The self-governing nature of most Yukon First Nations provides an exceptional opportunity to build a more resilient Yukon.

In the same manner, we will engage with other governments at the provincial, territorial and federal levels and internationally to build strong, productive partnerships. We will bring a strong voice to regional , national and international affairs that reflects the needs of Yukon, our citizens and communities.

As Minister of Finance, I have a particular responsibility to ensure we manage the government's fiscal resources effectively so that we live within our means and respect taxpayers. This means ensuring government investments achieve tangible results and improve our economy, our communities and our people.

The limits of financial resources require a measured approach in fulfilling our commitments. Some initiatives will also take more time to accomplish and we will need to account for emerging needs during the mandate. In order to deliver results in a paced manner, I will work with my Cabinet colleagues and others in the near term on specific goals linked to our priorities.

I will focus on the following goals in the near term with respect to my portfolios:

As Minister responsible for the Executive Council Office,

  • Revitalize the Yukon Forum as a place for collaborative work with Yukon First Nations on shared priorities
  • Lead efforts, working with First Nations, to respond as a government to the 'Calls to action' in the Truth and Reconciliation report
  • Work with Yukon First Nations to develop a government-wide policy to support the respectful use of traditional knowledge in government actions and decisions
  • Work with Ministerial colleagues to ensure a strong environmental assessment regime without unnecessary duplication of effort

As Minister of Finance,

  • Use tax measures to help create Yukon jobs
  • Return funds collected through a federal carbon pricing mechanism to Yukon individuals and businesses through a rebate system
  • Issue government tenders earlier in the year to take full advantage of the construction season
  • Create a five-year capital plan to make government's plans for construction and infrastructure projects more transparent

Through discussions in Cabinet, caucus and in the Yukon Legislative Assembly, we will further define what goals we will advance to deliver on our mandate. We will work as a cohesive team respecting the collective nature of Cabinet decision making and recognizing that issues do not exist in silos. They are inter-related and often complex, requiring a 'one government' approach.

In my role as Minister, I look forward to a trusting and effective relationship with my deputy ministers and their officials. The advice and expertise provided by the public service is vital to our reaching fair, evidence-based and balanced decisions, including the careful and prudent management of government finances .

Our work as government can and will only be accomplished through active engagement with Yukoners. Yukon people must be heard in order to inform government decisions. We will foster strong relationships with communities, other governments, First Nations and all sectors of our society to seek ideas and advice to inform decision making. At the same time, we need to focus on delivering results that improve people's lives. We will monitor progress on achieving these results and report to, and seek feedback from, Yukon citizens on this progress.

As I have asked of other members of Cabinet, I am committed to working hard every day with courage, compassion and respect to make positive change for Yukon.